Monday, December 16, 2013

Supporting a Dream

Although I try to encourage rather than push, and be flexible with her expectations and mine, I do root for her and want her to continue to pursue her dreams. While watching her start this life-long career with horsemanship, it's been a great ride so far to witness that dream as it is transformed and molded both by her new experiences and her expanded vision of what life has to offer. Lianne impresses me daily and she continues to grow and care more and more about her future and her contribution to this world. I hope she knows that I support her and want her to succeed in everything she sets out to do. I have felt my role definitely change over the past year from nurturing to tough on several levels being as close as marriage has brought us. She continues to strive and outperform my high expectations, I just hope she understands my flawed methods of motivation and I hope that I don't lose sight of supporting her rather than becoming hardened by trying to motivate her. I have felt in many ways that seeing her make every effort to work hard and continue to persevere even through unmet expectations has been invigorating and inspirational. Just being by her side has given me a renewed energy to continue to strive for my dreams again, and squeeze those extra hours out of a day when necessary.

Living for life change has become easier with a life-long partner, and I am so grateful to have chosen and have been chosen in return by someone who loves me so much even through all of my flaws, all of my mistakes, and even when I am not that great to be around. The security of that type of love is both liberating and grounding. I hope I can show her that same love in return. I hope I can learn to always encourage her the right way, the way that makes her feel invigorated and inspired. I hope I can continue to explain gently for times when I choose to be tough or say sorry for times when I just make mistakes. These photos were from several shoots I did for Lianne in the beginning of the year for her website debut at Lianne Landa Brooks Horsemanship. I hope you can take the time to check out her website and read about her passion. Thanks for checking out my blog and getting through this extra sappy post :)

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