Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Another Year, Another Itaú

Itaú has been really great to work for, their friendly atmosphere is felt from the supporting staff they hire to cater and serve in their club seats to the liasons who dealt with me personally, every single employee that I interacted with seemed like a gem at all times. The experiences I have had shooting at their events sets the bar high for working relationships with commercial clients! This is one of the jobs that if I could duplicate a dozen times throughout the year I would love it. From the different types of photography that I can capture in a single event to the overall work environment that exists makes this type of work really great.

Although I don't have this job on lock down, it was great to hear from Itaú again this year, and even better that they were interested in working with me. Although the weather did make it a little difficult to get around on the days I was shooting, the people were out, and the tennis was excellent. Hope you get a feel for the hospitality that is provided for Itaú's clients in the Sony Tennis Open's Club seating.

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