Sunday, December 22, 2013

A Beautiful Life

Witnessing Chris and Lynette's journey and the way they live life reminds me how beautiful life is for Christmas' sake. How blessed we are that all it takes is to believe, trust, and surrender to the one true Christmas gift, Jesus Christ. How simple and easy our life becomes when we focus on Jesus as our gift from God. When you experience the peace and relief found in Him it will be hard to deny such an awesome gift. The way I see both Chris and Lynette as living transformations of what God intended Jesus to be in each one of our lives, I am inspired. Not so that I may be more like them, but that I may find the peace and the transformation that believing in Jesus as my gift from God has for me. I hope everyone has a chance to experience the healing life, peace, hope, and love that is Jesus Christ as your gift from God. As the pressures of this time of the year build, I pray that peace and comfort would come over all those with their own personal struggle, and that all those who experience God's gift would be in some way an inspiration to those who have yet to experience Jesus. Merry Christmas!

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