Thursday, July 26, 2012


A friend of mine, Melanie Rinaldi, whom I dove with when I was in college recently retired. She asked me to take some photos to capture her in her peak shape and abilities as an athlete. I have been fortunate enough to witness Melanie work so hard for so long and work through injuries, and be her friend through it all that I know the strength she has displayed rubs off on those around her. Just to hear of her journey from the point I met her is inspirational.

In tribute to the start of the Olympics I am making this sports post. As athletes from all over the world come together to compete at this level, I am reminded of the blood, sweat, and tears that these individuals endure to get to that point in their athletic career. I have been fortunate enough to rub elbows with Olympic athletes and see their dedication and commitment first hand. It is not just the personal effort and drive of the individual but the team, the family, and the community of supporters that contribute to their success. I am grateful to be a part of that community and have friends at these Olympics. I am excited to watch them compete!

Enjoy the Olympics!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Jaime + Diana

This beautiful wedding, was one of the first times I had to deal with an extremely strict priest who warned me that if I moved outside of my square, he would ask me to leave. I think I actually enjoyed the restrictive nature of this ceremony because it challenged me. If you follow my blog, you know I love being challenged!

As you can see, this couple was extremely photogenic and for our outdoor portrait session they really allowed me to take my time and get some really great portraits. Clients who love pictures and want to take pictures are the best! Diana was such a trooper during our portrait session to get all of these beautiful shots despite of the pending storm, and the extremely windy conditions. I hope you enjoy our efforts because to me this was well worth it.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Nick + Sofia

Here is a high school friend, Sofia, whom I reconnected with around the time of my ten year high school reunion. At an after party, she told me that she was going to get engaged on 11/11/11, and I told her if it happened I would take care of all of her photography needs for the wedding. If you remember, I got engaged on the weekend of my high school reunion, so this weekend was particular to me. Here is step one in honoring that offer to Sofia.

They are a beautiful couple, and these photos were a pleasure to take. Offering both an opportunity to get outside of my local scenery, and an opportunity to work with a couple who are really into making beautiful pictures. Not to mention hospitable! I had a great time hanging out with them the night before the shoot. I really got to experience their relationship first hand prior to shooting. These images are their favorites from our time together minus their selection for the wedding announcements.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fresh Experiences!

Recently I got a new job, and it has brought a new sense of fulfillment, fun, and challenge to my daily life that I don't often get from photography, and it is rare that I get jobs that offer that type of feeling in photography. I love photography, and I get a sense of satisfaction and joy from working, but it is rare that I am in a situation I have not been in before or have not yet experienced. I lean heavily on my experience in photography. Recently the jobs that have given me the most excitement and fullfillment in photography has been commercial work. I have really enjoyed this type of work, but I think its because it offers me a different opportunities than I am used to and in so offers me a different challenge. My realization is that I am inspired and motivated by learning, being challenged, and experiencing new things. My hope is to continue to be challenged even by the experiences that seem familiar so that I may continue to grow and not see myself as someone who has already experienced any particular moment, but rather someone who can find something new to learn from each experience regardless of how often it occurs. My dream is to seek the freshness of each new day as it is full of wonder and new challenges.

These pictures are from an opportunity that was offered to me through a couple I met through a friend of friend. They were introduced to my photography and were willing to give me an opportunity that was outside my normal reach. For this shoot I was taking promotional shots of a sponser, Bank Itau, for the Sony Ericsson Open. I am grateful for this opportunity and the new adventures that this type of work will bring. I really enjoyed this experience and will continue to solicite this type of work in the future. I hope you enjoy these up close and personal photos of the Sony Ericsson, especially if you are a fan of tennis.