Friday, November 29, 2013

The Accompanied Chilean Wedding

It has been great to be around and meet this extended family prior to us all becoming extended family. Getting married so closely in time together makes our relationship that much more special. It was especially sweet to travel to their home and spend time with their immediate families.

I had met Gaby several times both in Miami and Tennessee over the course of dating Lianne, and she has always been warm and accepting of me and gracious with our relatonship. It was a pleasure to be apart of her relationship with Pablo in a way that allowed me to see them several times before they got married. They were both at our wedding. I met Pablo for the first time in Tennessee a little over a year before their wedding, he was very sweet and gentle spirit. Reflecting over my experience with him and witnessing his interactions with Gaby and her family, the evolution of comfort and the gradual progression of getting to know Pablo personally was a great example to witness grow as Gaby and Pablo's relationship grew. From my perspective things could not have gone much smoother.

As far as weddings go, this one got off to an unusual start, and it seemed to cast a slight tilt to the rest of the evening. Although it really did not affect Pablo and Gaby's wedding quite like you would expect, there were other weddings that were not impervious to this evenings events. We showed up for the wedding early as some of the family and guests had, but there were many people there, and Pablo was still waiting outside. The wedding that was suppose to go on before Pablo and Gaby's wedding had not even started yet, and the bride was not even there. We waited another thirty minutes and by that time the schedule was for Pablo and Gaby's wedding to begin; the other bride had only just arrived. The wedding party was stalling Gaby and just trying to keep all of this information away from her, Pablo was stressing out while the priest just told Pablo not to worry that it was his problem and not Pablo's. Literally less than 15 minutes after the bride arrived the couple was walking out married. The rest of the wedding ceremony proceeded seemlessly in a beautiful moment.

Onto the reception, bride and groom portraits, family portraits, and one thing I forgot to mention about Chilean weddings is that they go for at least 12 hours, and this one was scheduled to end when the sun came up the next day. Half way through the night, this particular wedding had a Mardi Gras style celebration planned with costumes, masks, and props. After this typical celebration there was another meal service and continued dancing planned with all of our new props. Their reception was at a beautiful hillside military reception hall, and the tilt came right after the first dinner service, all of the lights went out for the whole hillside. While there were generators to provide electricity for the military hall, there were two weddings that night, and the power draw from both could not be sustained. It seemed that the generators were overloaded. There would be no more music or lights until they could get that resolved. This did not seem to deter the celebration for the crowd at Pablo and Gaby's wedding and the guests proceeded to play games and sing songs by candle light for the next hour or so, it seemed as though this wedding might just end early considering the power outage! Unfortunately for the other wedding, the guests did not take the power outage as well as Pablo and Gaby's guests and it seemed that after the power went out most of them took the opportunity to leave.

Pablo and Gaby's wedding was just getting warmed up. After that hour or so of warming up in the dark, the reception hall managed to unplug the right amount of appliances to supply the DJ and some lights for dancing. The delayed dancing only fueled the enthusiasm for getting electricity again, and the dance floor's darkness was overtaken by wild dancing.


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

It's been over a year, time for a catch up!

While I haven't posted a blog in over a year, I have been taking photos and working so I do have plenty to blog about. The time to blog has just not been a priority nor has it been much of a consideration this year. Being married has changed my priorities in general as far as my photography is concerned, and led me to pursue extra work less. While before I was married, time was still an issue, and I was pushing myself harder to take on more work and spend more time working but being married has changed that. This post will begin a series of about 16 posts just to cover the year in review. This first post is from a trip after our wedding to Chile for her sister's wedding.

We took a day tour of Santiago, Chile; spent a day with her family, ate some great meals, and after the wedding we spent a few days in ViƱa del Mar. Just travelling with Lianne since we have been married has been a great new experience. It's amazing how just waking up next to Lianne for the first months of our marriage has been one of those things that takes a while to get old. We would literally wake up and tell each other we were married for almost half a year. This trip was a really great family vacation after our wedding with no pressure or stress. I left the wedding to have a post of its own as it deserves. Enjoy.