Sunday, May 6, 2012


It was late last year that I went to San Francisco. Just now, I get to blog about it. I should take the rest of the year to catch up with photography plans and projects, but I have given a little flexibility to my photography ambitions. There are so many changes occurring in my life this year that I hope that this blog and my photography would not be a point of added stress. I have taken this opportunity to take my time and not allow myself to be overtaken by all of these things adding up. In the past four months there have been plenty of moments and opportunities to be stressed and overwhelmed.

My life as I have known it is changing faster than I can keep up and I find myself being stretched. Not being completely secure or comfortable in those moments, photography has remained a place of comfort that I have chosen to keep some ground. Although the opportunities continue to find me, and some past work needs to be finished, I choose to take my time. Choosing to sleep rather than staying up all night to work on photos, choosing to spend time with family and friends instead of finishing my online store, choosing time with my fiancé over writing a magazine article, choosing to help my parents work on my home even with a backlog of unfinished photography, choosing to help my roommate build a motorized bike over hanging a wall-mounted backdrop system in my studio.

No regrets, I am grateful that photography has been able to take the neglect with the grace of a selfless love. As I find myself with some newly added extra time, I am still searching for solitude. Solitude, just in the past couple of years I have forgotten to find that solitude daily. Instead I have found it far away when I take myself out of my normal environment without an agenda or a list of things to do. My hope is that I would use this extra time not to accomplish more things, but instead to seek this solitude that I am really craving. Enjoy these photos, as I look at them, I am reminded of this solitude I should be seeking daily.