Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Love Affair

A year ago, I began a love affair with Natural Landscapes and Wildlife photography. I have had experience with both, but always more along the lines of Travel Photography and Visits to the zoo. Travelling is an old love that I long to see again, visits to the zoo are a fling that offers something more superficial. I am in pursuit of a more lasting fulfilling love experience. This journey is a fresh love that brings me deeper into the dynamic beauty of nature and the authentic presence of animals on their terms. It began by visiting the Everglades with a group of photographers who I work with at Beckman Coulter, Inc. It led me into staying up all night to experience the bright lights of a cityscape, and driving straight to the everglades to catch the morning light and early stirrings of birds and alligators. Winter's in Florida are a treasure that the bird's have known about long before humans settled here. Birds became the primary wildlife that I enjoyed seeing during this early stage of falling in love. Since these early images, I have been dreaming of travelling to wild places throughout the US, and experiencing this love. I have begun to learn new techniques, gain more experience, collect equipment and clothing for hiking and winter extremes, and ultimately planning trips to places of extreme natural beauty with the hopes of experiencing a deeper love.