Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Where did all my time go?

So I have finally found the motivation to take a few more steps into video, and the adventure of post-processing video, but it is exactly like I thought it was going to be, alot of research and alot of time. This weekend I played with Final Cut Pro, I learned some quick ways to produce videos straight from the camera to YouTube, and today I have been playing with the Adobe CS5 Suite wanting more out the post-processing experience. I have only just scratched the surface, finding many different workflows with a mixed bag of results. Learning things like this feels like getting lost in the dark really, and when that happens the time flies. Before I knew it, I have neglected to blog, and it is almost midnight. Check out Lianne's blog for examples of some straight to YouTube videos, and my Vimeo for my first solo video post-processing attempt with Adobe After Effects, I will be trying to get one video a night up on Vimeo. Thank God for ESPN Radio. Go Heat!

I had a great weekend, and got to take some pictures and video for Lianne and her new blog. I have been really spending more time in video in an effort to be prepared for her needs for video while developing some in-demand skills for myself with video. It is about time that I start becoming a little more savvy with videos, considering its been over a year since I have gained some serious video equipment and software. Knowing that I will continue to be crunched with time, I pre-selected some photos last weekend for this week's blog.

These photos are from an engagement session I had with a beautiful couple. Paula and James, were great to work with, and their love was extremely evident in our session together. Paula's shy but thoughtful demeanor and James' constant patience and great attitude made this shoot go very smoothly. I was very happy with the results from this session and I absolutely fell in love with this location. I hope you enjoy!

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