Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sharing Dreams

I have the pleasure to encourage and support someone whom I love and care for very much. It is a dream to share my life and my passions with someone whom I love and feel such mutual unconditional love. While we both pursue our passions, I am continually encouraged and supported. Witnessing someone else pursue their dreams and allowing their dream to influence my dreams has deeply enriched my life. Sharing the excitement with the love and commitment required to follow your dreams is both inspirational and contagious. Today I am sharing a promotion of my girlfriend Lianne, in her debut Blog and the beginning of the next chapter in her life after graduating college. I am blessed by her presence in my life and grateful to witness the pursuit of her dreams! Here are just a handful of pictures that I have had the opportunity to take while she works with such majestic and royal animals. She has a passion to train and teach others to develop stronger relationships with their horses. Focusing on natural horsemanship she has been generous in her time and to bring me alongside her while she develops her passion and pursues her dreams. Please enjoy the pictures and check out her debut blog!

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