Monday, June 6, 2011

Back in the Water!

So I remember when my love for photography was new. I was learning at an incredible rate and I was just concerned with taking pictures for the sake of learning. My videography has become that fresh new love to me. I am able to enjoy the foundation that 10 years of photography has afforded me while experiencing a new medium of expression. When I look at creating complete video productions I become overwhelmed. So I have changed gears and I am starting from what I know. I am just beginning to collect footage learning about my cameras and the simple encoding and uploading to web for the best results at a minimum file size.

I hope you enjoy these two brief clips plus a few images I gathered before filming. This is a more personal post and I know this is my professional photography blog, but this is a natural progression of skills and direction of learning for me, and since it is consuming my time, it is either this or no blog! I do have plenty of less personal higher quality images to share and I intend to share more when ready, but in the meantime enjoy and please stay tuned.

I have also been on a weekly adventure with Lianne helping to maintain her blog and produce both video and images to track her progress along her journey to Horse Whispering! Check out her blog for weekly update with my own photos and video. It is pretty sweet, I know. She has begun to give me weekly lessons so that I can begin to nurture my own skills and love for horses as well. I am loving every minute of it. I hope you understand and can continue to follow my blog despite the inconsistency.

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