Thursday, July 12, 2012

Nick + Sofia

Here is a high school friend, Sofia, whom I reconnected with around the time of my ten year high school reunion. At an after party, she told me that she was going to get engaged on 11/11/11, and I told her if it happened I would take care of all of her photography needs for the wedding. If you remember, I got engaged on the weekend of my high school reunion, so this weekend was particular to me. Here is step one in honoring that offer to Sofia.

They are a beautiful couple, and these photos were a pleasure to take. Offering both an opportunity to get outside of my local scenery, and an opportunity to work with a couple who are really into making beautiful pictures. Not to mention hospitable! I had a great time hanging out with them the night before the shoot. I really got to experience their relationship first hand prior to shooting. These images are their favorites from our time together minus their selection for the wedding announcements.

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