Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fresh Experiences!

Recently I got a new job, and it has brought a new sense of fulfillment, fun, and challenge to my daily life that I don't often get from photography, and it is rare that I get jobs that offer that type of feeling in photography. I love photography, and I get a sense of satisfaction and joy from working, but it is rare that I am in a situation I have not been in before or have not yet experienced. I lean heavily on my experience in photography. Recently the jobs that have given me the most excitement and fullfillment in photography has been commercial work. I have really enjoyed this type of work, but I think its because it offers me a different opportunities than I am used to and in so offers me a different challenge. My realization is that I am inspired and motivated by learning, being challenged, and experiencing new things. My hope is to continue to be challenged even by the experiences that seem familiar so that I may continue to grow and not see myself as someone who has already experienced any particular moment, but rather someone who can find something new to learn from each experience regardless of how often it occurs. My dream is to seek the freshness of each new day as it is full of wonder and new challenges.

These pictures are from an opportunity that was offered to me through a couple I met through a friend of friend. They were introduced to my photography and were willing to give me an opportunity that was outside my normal reach. For this shoot I was taking promotional shots of a sponser, Bank Itau, for the Sony Ericsson Open. I am grateful for this opportunity and the new adventures that this type of work will bring. I really enjoyed this experience and will continue to solicite this type of work in the future. I hope you enjoy these up close and personal photos of the Sony Ericsson, especially if you are a fan of tennis.

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