Monday, October 17, 2011

A New Chapter

Besides getting engaged to the love of my life, I got to share some of my high school friends with my fiance, Lianne. This past weekend was my ten year high school reunion. Although I didn't get to see as many friends as I was hoping to see, there were so many good memories with the ones I did get to see that she caught a glimpse of the love and support that I was blessed to be surrounded by throughout my childhood. She has met some close friends throughout the years of dating but it was extra special to share with her a little part of my high school experience. While there were several friends she met this weekend I have known since elementary school if not kindergarten, she was able to get a less biased picture of who I am from the many friends that only knew me from high school. While I have grown dramatically in my own eyes since high school, I am not so prideful or mature to say I am a different person than I was in high school especially since I am not ashamed of anything from my high school experience.

It was funny, because prior to college, I had never used a camera, I drew and sketched, but it was not until my freshmen year of college that I fell in love with photography. Before then I almost avoided the camera, and it was evident in all the photos from my high school experience. This weekend I only saw one of me, but it did not take away from my experience or the friends and memories I made while I was there. Those memories are strong as was evident from this weekend and the stories we shared. It was great to see everyone I saw this weekend! Thanks for being the same great people I remember from high school!

How did I know when to propose? So after giving her an experience of who I was in high school, and having her love me all the same left no stone un-turned in our relationship. I have put her through a ringer of experiences to show her who I was before I met her, and she has remained intently in love with me and I in her. While none of it was an intentional test of her love, she past every experience with a solid commitment of love and support. How could I not ask her immediately after this final stone unturned. I have had the ring since August, and have planned many opportunities through the end of the year to ask her, it was exceptionally difficult to wait when I got the ring. Keep in mind, I knew and was committed to marry her from the beginning almost 6 years ago when I met her. I have maintained this commitment from the beginning and will till the day I die.

What were her expectations? I did not hide that I had the ring nor about each of the events we had planned in the rest of the year. I told her I would ask her in the next three months before the end of the year. I asked her not to ask or talk about our engagement anymore, so it was at least three weeks until we had spoken about it. I wanted to have a more organic experience as far as my decision was concerned about when it was going to happen. I had several opportunities planned and through each opportunity I would decide whether the time was right. I am a prayful man and consider my prayers with God a major influence in what happens on a day to day basis. I am open and obedient even through my own indiscretions and iniquities.

How did I propose? I took her up to Jupiter to scout an epic scene in Florida for engagements and bridal photo shoots. I was more nervous, and through prayer I discovered, that God left me up to my own courage to finalize the deal. He laid it on my heart to ask her now, but when I asked Him for courage, I found His answer to be more of tough love than I was expecting. I drove off my anxieties and finally made it to Blowing Rocks, Jupiter Island, FL. When we got there I discovered that there was a beach cleaning in progress and more people than I was expecting to be there. We walked a short distance, and found an epic scene with a large rock hole in the shore-line. I asked her to pose alone for a few shots. I brought my remote control for the opportunity to take pictures together in this great landscape. Of course my remote control ran out of battery at this moment. I was forced to setup my 10 second timer. I was running back and forth taking pictures with her, and for the final pose I was planning to ask her and catch it on camera. As you can see, she moved quite a bit during the final shot, but the picture communicates the story well enough.

I am grateful to experience this story and love with you all, and I hope you can enjoy our experience through this blog and images.


Christy said...

So excited for you Toby! Congrats & best wishes for a long & happy life together :-) Can't believe I missed you on Friday & Saturday...maybe next time though.

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Helen said...

Awwwwww! This is beautiful! Congrats to both of you!

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