Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Gems of Experience

Another beautiful wedding and opportunity to share my love with photography with Jenna and Austin as they celebrated their love for each other. Destination weddings are gems in my experience as a photographer and I am grateful for every opportunity that I get to shoot a destination wedding. As my first time to the Bahamas, it was spectacular. While my focus was on capturing this beautiful and intimate weekend for Jenna and Austin, the atmosphere and excitement about being in the Bahamas allowed me to forget about any stress involved with working this wedding by myself. The small group of friends that surrounded them as they began their life-long commitment to one another complemented their completely genuine and heartfelt love for one another. It was a complete joy and blessing to be a part of such a tightly-knit group of friends and family. Thank you again, Jenna and Austin for bringing me into this circle and sharing a glimpse of your life together with me.

I have had some great opportunities in my short career as a photographer and continue to see opportunities for great growth. Photography is going through some exciting changes and it is exciting to watch things progress and move with greater strides as both technology and accessibility to photography accelerate. With so many great photographers sharing content through the web and interacting with each other it is hard not to be inspired. I love seeing other photographer's sharing their work and young photographers so eager to learn and become better. Part of this growth is increased competition, and I am strong believer in the value that competition has in any market.

Competition is saturated these days with accessibility of equipment and the economic pressures of a recession. I particularly like competition and the spur of creativity and quality that can become of a competitive market. Although the economic scenario has created pressures on the market that have pushed the quality spectrums in the other direction, even in a highly competitive market driven by downward economic pressures there are plenty of opportunities to stand out. I enjoy both aspects of the nature of things in photography today as they both lend themselves to adding value to good work.

Weddings are a great deal of work for any photographer, and a wedding photographer's work should not be taken for granted. I particularly enjoy weddings for the hard work required and the specific skill of shooting under pressure and moment constraints. I have done many weddings and have grown tremendously as a photographer by working in a wedding environment. I respect wedding photographers who have made a career of wedding photography and continue to grow and improve their artform. It has been inspirational to watch and follow great wedding photographers produce great work over and over again. Thanks for checking out my blog, and I hope that whatever your interest in photography may be that you would find value, inspiration, and quality in my photography.

This and the next post contain more images than I usually post, but the images made the cut and I believe they complete the stories of my expereiences. I recently made a trip to Gainesville, visiting the Paynes Prairie and the Ichetucknee river; I am excited to share the images from that trip, and I hope you don't mind the longer posts.

There are only a few things more spectacular than watching a full moon rise from the ocean. It is truly awesome and breath-taking. Having your wedding reception right at the center of this occurence could not have been more perfect.


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You continue to outdo yourself my friend. These are spectacular!

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These are amazing, awesome work!

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