Sunday, October 2, 2011

Another Long Break

It's been too long. That is two in a row, looking back at the last post. I started it the same way! I hope to get the next few posts out in quick succession, just images. The truth is photography work has slowed down for me this half of the year, but it's beginning to pick up again. Thank you for all of you who continue to support and enjoy my work, sorry for the long delay between posts. Don't hesitate to ask about any interests you may have working with me or even purchasing any of my works that may be your favorite. I am still working on my online-store, and I would like to start making some long-term photography relationships with families interested in periodic portrait work for their growing families. Please contact me with interest, inquiries, and if you would like to come with me on some of my local shooting experiences, fall - winter time is prime time shooting here in South Florida. Enjoy the next few quick posts!

I like to take a little more time on photos that I define as simple pieces and apply some subtle painterly affects to further communicate the peace and tranquility of a fleeting scene. I hope you can enjoy the subtle transformations.

With the change of season, this last photo doesn't match the time taken of the previous set of images, but I took this photo last winter in South Carolina, and it reminds me of Fall with its red lit tree lines. This fall, I will be going to Tennesse and North Carolina, and I hope to capture some great Fall images!

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