Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Friends in Love

Friends in love. Knowing they will serve God. Inspired by their journey. Grateful to witness.

Brittany and Anthony will affect more lives than they may know just by chasing after God. Pouring the love they receive from Him out to all those around them, may their cups be multiplied in their relationship with one another.

I am proud to have met and witnessed such growth in both of them not only as friends but also as a roommate and teammate. My life has been truly blessed by them.

I hope these brief moments do their journey and their relationship justice, and I am sure there will be many more opportunities for their love to be shared. I am super excited to see these two as a married couple and I know they will run hard after Jesus together and their relationship will bring glory to God.

In hearing their hearts desires over the years and watching them grow up from college to now in what seemed to me as very dramatic fashion, their love and their journey seem so perfectly matched. Now as they support, encourage, and challenge each other, it is clear to me of their love and dedication.

Anthony and Brittany, I ask God to continue to anchor you to His love and provide for you, and bless your ensuing marriage as you go out in to this world together and bring Glory to God's Kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven!


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Isabelle Galindo said...

Heya, Toby! Browsing your profile makes me wonder why is it that a validation engineer would be spending some time in taking pictures. Anyhow, you works are astonishing. The way you take those shots tells different stories to the one whose viewing it. And I like the way you make blurred the background to make the primary subject the focus of the photo.

Isabelle Galindo

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