Monday, March 14, 2011

A Day at the Track

I never got into the thrill of going fast. I liked sprinting, and for that I was relatively fast, and I enjoyed jumping off tall things although I have always been scared of heights. There has always been something about going fast in a motor vehicle that has never really enticed me. My father and brother on the other hand really enjoy the challenge and thrill of speed. After becoming friends with a local car club in Miami and going to some car events, I have developed an interest in car photography. My dad has always had a love for Porsche. He has recently shown interest in taking his car to the track. Through the shop that my father had some work done on his car, he was invited to go down to the Homestead Miami Speedway to drive his car like it was meant to be driven. Since getting into car photography, cars have proven to be an interesting subject to shoot and sporty enough to offer a challenge. Racecars and getting on the track to shoot is more along the lines of a challenge that I am enticed by. Spending quality time with my father is great when we are both doing things we love and can share the experience together. Here is a session with my father and I at the track; him driving while I run around taking pictures of him and others zooming around. Yes, I did get to ride along with him a couple times, and yes I did enjoy the speed. I hope you enjoy my photos of the fast cars!

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