Monday, March 7, 2011

After Portraits, What's next.

This will be the last of portraits for a little while, I will be posting other genres of photography that I have been able to shoot and hopefully I can share some life stories along the way. As I attempted to end the series on portraiture, I had several things on my mind to share. I have been wanting to write about my development as a photographer while relating this experience to life-lessons learned while growing up. I also wanted to explain my perspective on photography pricing, and how I have experienced it. It became difficult to keep this blog short, simple, and cleverly tied to photography. I have decided to incorporate it in the next series of blogs and find some sort of transition between blogs so that it is not one huge long novel to read all at once. It is currently an unfinished draft and there may be a brief intermission before I can manage to finish. The intermission, however, will not be absent of photo postings. After all, this is a photography blog, but I do want to express a little more with words every now and then. My intention for starting this blog besides showing my photography has been to gain an opportunity to share a passion through writing.

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