Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I know I love it!

Five hours on a mountain in negative ten degree weather with thirty pounds of photography gear and very little movement and a whole lot of waiting, you start to ask yourself questions. Your purpose becomes challenged by nature and your body. Having not experienced a cold like this or conditions anywhere close to this, I have to admit I was challenged, but by no means did I feel like I was pushed to some extreme or that I over-extended myself. On the contrary, I felt more conservative than I usually am and I wish I had experienced more and challenged myself more. I left with a desire to spend more time out there both on my own and taking photos of my family skiing. The pain in my hands and the lengthy wait times in between seeing family only made me think of ways to do it better and have a better plan for the next time. The experience was much more of a tease and an introduction than a pain or a bad experience. At the end of the day on the mountain, at Canyons Resort, we stumbled upon a freestyle ski and snowboard competition, I had packed my gear and was ready to go home when I saw the competition. I spent an additional hour just watching and taking pictures of the awesome stunts that I had been hoping to see all day on the mountain right in front of my eyes with no wait time in between tricks. I love it.


PhotoScenic Photography said...

Awesome! Great story and nicely written. Can't wait to see more!

Andy Garcia said...

Fantastic! Some of these shots are worthy of even the best sports magazines. You did great Toby, like you've had experience in doing this all along.

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