Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Destination Love

I pursue love. Capturing love from behind a camera is central to my passion for photography. I strive to capture love in my photography whether it be in the Everglades, Uganda, Sudan, Haiti, underwater, the streets of Miami, or in any place where I am taking photos. Love is what inspires me to be a photographer, and If my life is to have a purpose may it be a celebration of love. Weddings are the celebration of love between two people and the opportunity to capture this same love is just one way for me to experience love through my photography. Photography has provided me many opportunities to be a part of a love that is far greater than myself, and it has allowed me to witness the formation of love between friends in which I can be a significant part of that celebration of love. I am grateful for these experiences and I am grateful that photography has brought me to a place where I can feel comfortable producing lasting memories of love for clients, family, and friends alike. Love has taken care of me and I love photography. I will pursue love while working for you; will you trust me to capture your love?

I am a longtime friend with the groom in these photos, and I was blessed to be asked to take photos in a place that very few publicized photographers get to take wedding photos. This is a West Point wedding, and the location alone is a gem, but when the couple's love and commitment are so evident outside of the photos, the job of a photographer is a true joy. Shooting destination weddings is a life that wedding photographers dream of and this wedding was a wonderful dream. Thank you Diego Espinosa for partnering with me on this job!

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