Saturday, July 24, 2010

Soul View Photography Workshop

In June of 2009, I taught a six week intensive photography course for the youth of Coconut Grove, FL. While each class was spent learning some fundamentals of photography, each class we also strived to walk the streets of Coconut Grove, and it seemed as though the community was smiling and posing at every corner we stopped at. Here are some results from 2009 Soul View Photography Workshop sponsored by Urban Resurrection. The first four photos are mine, and the last six photos are from my students Paule Jackson, Antwone Walker, and Almustafa Irshad. They will be continuing this program this year at the beginning of August. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me or Urban Resurrection about involvement.


patricia said...

Wow, these are gorgeous-- you must be a born teacher to bring out these results in people! It was a pleasure to meet you in person.

Patricia Castelain

Andy Garcia said...

Awesome Toby! May the Lord bless you richly for all you do in His name.

Toby Brooks said...

Thanks Patricia, it was a pleasure meeting you too, now you'll be able to follow all my photography adventures! The students I was working with really had a lot of talent, I just showed them the tools to share their talent with the world. Thanks Andy, He does always, I can not out give Him and I always feel as though whatever I do will be returned to me many more times than I have done! It takes the selflessness out of giving, but it sure has taught me to keep on serving.

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