Saturday, July 24, 2010

Renewed Energy and Love of Photography

Photography has been taking my heart and God continues to show me so many beautiful things through this art form. During the summer of 2009 and through the end of the year I was experiencing a renewed energy and love for photography. I began taking my camera everywhere I went, because the summer storms had created some wild skies and lighting for photography, Facebook chats with old friends were turning out to be a photo opportunities that I had not really had exposure to eventually leading me into new markets of photography. While in the Florida Keys, a stormy summer afternoon brought the fishing boats in early from the ocean, and the fishermen were skinning and filleting the fish by the water. Eager for a free meal a great white heron approached without timidity, and I took a wide angle photo from about three feet away. It was a pretty awesome sight. Getting back into some low light concert work for a friend was great fun, and reconnecting with old friends will be leading me into my next couple of posts. This is just a collection of photos taken on my personal adventures in photography including my first trip to the everglades.


Andy Garcia said...

Love the posting streak Toby! I fondly remember that morning at the Everglades. I was swatting mosquitoes while you were busy taking that awesome silhouette of the heron. Great great job on all of these. Keep them coming!

Toby Brooks said...

Thanks Andy, I will keep them rolling if my weekends stay free! Its fun catching up with the blogs and seeing all these pictures I haven't looked at in a while! We will soon be out in the Everglades again! I look forward to more outings to the Everglades!

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