Saturday, May 29, 2010

Underwater Introduction

Just after coming home from Africa, my age group diving coach, Paul Breitfeller, called me and asked me to audition for a commercial! I really did not want to do it. After his second call and a little nudging, the situation was explained that they were a little desperate. After already being away for three weeks, it was still a difficult decision to take off from work again. Once the shooting began, my attitude changed and the whole experience was far greater than I could have imagined. I met some really cool people. I met a great underwater photographer, Tim Calver(pictured above), who has been an encouragement in combining my love for water and my love for photography. His work has been an inspiration to start and pursue underwater photography. Tim walked me through buying the right equipment to help me explore a whole new world underwater. Although it has not been my primary focus of photography, every time I get back in the water with my camera I get hooked. I love the challenge of underwater photography and it makes feel like a student again! I am looking forward to growing and gaining more experience in a different and challenging world of photography!


Andy Garcia said...

From the looks of it, you're getting off to a great start. If this is what you can do just starting out, I can't wait to see this when you've got some more hours under your belt (weight belt that it) :).

Toby Brooks said...

Thanks Andy! Every summer I tend to do a little more. I really want to get in some crystal clear waters soon. I just did a trial run this weekend with the 5D MK II inside my underwater housing. Although I will eventually need a separate housing for it, right now, it works enough for both pictures and video! Looking forward to getting underwater more this summer!

Tasha W's Snapshots said...

Tobs Tobs Tobs! Love your under water shots, always have!
I remember you were the first person I actually ever saw with a camera case! haha look how far you have come. This is exciting. Keep it going

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