Saturday, May 22, 2010

Separate but Connected

Friendship led me to East Africa in 2008, a former roommate of mine spent a year serving at orphanages in Uganda and Sudan. I came to these places to visit a friend and change the environment in which I was so comfortable in. I came home to bring back pictures that would help raise awareness and share my experience with other friends that it might inspire them and others to seek something other than what they currently know. While my visit was only three weeks, the experience has touched my heart deeply and continues to ask me to go back to this day. The journey is difficult, but the experience is priceless. The people I met both young and old continue to tug at my heart to see them again and learn how they are currently doing. The visitors that have gone after me and have stayed an extended period of time remain connected to me through friendship. The changes that I have witnessed in these places in the past three years is a direct confirmation to my faith and the power of relationships in love and compassion. While these are just a few of my favorite pictures; the organization I gave all my photos to is Lahash International, they have maintained a supporting relationship to both places I visited since 2005. To see what has been done most recently at the Orphange in Sudan check out the update on the water project. Through the sponsorship of Horse Tamer Ministry, the most recent update is that the orphanage in Southern Sudan now has running water something that very few places have in this area of the world. As Americans, to understand the significance of that requires some effort because for many of us we have never known an existence without running water. While in this place, they have never known an existence with running water nor has it even been a dream.

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