Thursday, November 3, 2011

Casual Inspirations

It's not the first time that I have made Lianne pose for pictures for me. A couple are from my first impressions of her at the farm, another was a brief opportunity during the barn warming event, and the rest were taken on our day off. These are pretty casual, I wasn't planning to take pictures of her like this, but I was really inspired by the scenery and my first visit to their new home.

Especially of the vineyard and the quality of light that we had this early evening. This was after all the work had been done for the barn warming and we were able to relax and enjoy a local vineyard that has live music on the weekends. We got there right at the beginning of an hour and a half of great light. It was thinly over cast with breaks in the clouds that allowed certain areas of the landscape to be well light and others to be diffused.

Lighting like this is so great to shoot in, plus the hills, the vineyards, and my beautiful fiance could not resist the inspiration of this fleeting light. It was so dynamic and painterly that I had so much fun moving as it moved and adjusting for the next great shot. After working on the farm the past several days and shooting the event the day before these conditions were a real treat.

I know this post is not related to my recent fundraising efforts you may have seen through my facebook page, but I have to mention it since it is relevant to the happenings of my photography for this month. I am raising money for a great organization, Food for the Poor. If you have followed my photography for sometime you would know that I do make an effort to make a difference with my photography. Through different non-profit organizations, whether through volunteering or raising money through my photography, it has been mostly through opportunities coming along through friends I have chosen to partner with in ways that allows my photography be used to serve their cause. All of the opportunities that I have been a part of have been really great organizations with really great services. I hope that if you have not already been introduced to Food for the Poor, I hope you would take the time to learn a little more about them!

This post is full of pictures of my fiance Lianne. Can you see that she doesn't mind so much that I like to take pictures of her! I hope you don't mind that I enjoy sharing pictures of her with you all. Enjoy!

This last photo was a treat to see, the last good light of the day that we got to see came clean through an opening in the clouds and painted two hill sides. The result really was classical in nature, and deserved a worthy capture. I hope you have enjoyed this post, and are able to partner with me to support great causes by supporting my photography.

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