Thursday, August 12, 2010

Reconnecting Leads to a Year with Cars

Facebook has been a great place to reconnect with old friends, and one night last year it turned out to be just the right circumstances. I started a chat with an old high school friend, John Arroyo who now works as a web designer for Best Buddies International, who I had not seen in probably 8 years. I met up with him at a VW car meet and one of my other good friends from high school was there also, Erik Antuñez who now owns his own restaurant in downtown Fort Lauderdale, Cafe Verdi. This reunion has led me back into some great friendships, a community, and a whole other world of photography and enthusiasts. It's a blast being around people who have spent a lot of time and energy becoming very knowledgeable and proud about a particular subject. Since reconnecting with my old friends, it has been one photo-op after another. Car Photography is a great field to learn in with several dynamics, but one of the most important factors has been the community and because I have met some great friends through this field I see it being a regular occurrence of shooting opportunities. There are always local events, long road trips all over the nation, and international shows all over the world for that matter; It has been a good time travelling to the few events I have been able to make it to. Here is a small collection of work over the past year since becoming involved with car photography. Thanks John and Erik for inviting me back into your lives and giving me the opportunity to learn more about photography. Thanks Dubbers Inc. and Wolfcars for providing a community to be a part of and plenty of beautiful cars to shoot.

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